QlikView mobile: AJAX Touch Client

It's time for a new post, and today it is a very special one. QlikTech has released a beta version of the new "AJAX Touch Client" and I think it is major news and will give QlikView a big bump in the mobile filed.
By |April 2nd, 2011|New Features, Server|3 Comments

Point In Time Reporting Out Of The Box

Today we continue with 'The Magic of Set Analysis' Series and, in this post I will share with you a "goodie". Something that has helped me speed up the Development process on new projects, and is specially useful when creating SiB's (Seeing Is Believing) or Prototypes for prospective clients, where the time is often short.

The Magic of Set Analysis – Point In Time Reporting

I have always believed that Set Analysis' Raison d'être is to satisfy a basic need in any BI Tool: the ability to perform "Point In Time" Analysis. But, needless to say, it is also amazingly useful for the fulfillment of a bunch of other special needs. In this post, I will cover the specifics of Point In Time Reporting with Set Analysis.
By |November 27th, 2010|Set Analysis, The Magic Of Set Analysis|26 Comments

The Magic of Set Analysis – Part III

In Part II of The Series, I wrote about the general syntax of a Set Expression and provided some basic examples using Set Modifiers with explicit field value definitions. Now, our next step will be about making our desired record set dynamic and based on the user's current selections, that is, using an Implicit field value definition.

Reading iPhone’s Database

This week's post is really not something you will come accross when developing a business application with QlikView, but rather it is a bit random, and somwhat fun. We will go through the required steps to read data stored in your iPhone, such as Call History, SMS Messages, Contacts list, Notes, etc.
By |September 26th, 2010|Personal Use, Random|2 Comments

The Magic of Set Analysis – Syntax and Examples

In this new Post of The Series, I will go over the details for creating a correct Set Expressions. Also, I will provide some useful examples for you to get your Hands On right away.
By |September 11th, 2010|Set Analysis, The Magic Of Set Analysis|17 Comments

The Magic Of Set Analysis. Introduction

This is the First Part of a Series called 'The Magic of Set Analysis' which is intended to serve as a guide for those newcomers to the subject that want to take full control of their chart expressions.

Business Intelligence and Collaboration, the Twitter way!

It was the usual Client meeting, where the customer was asking questions back and forth about the functionality of the software package we were offering. Can it be integrated with .NET applications? how do you export a table from QlikView and write it back to the database? How do you publish the applications to the […]

By |July 10th, 2010|Collaboration, New Features, Server|7 Comments

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