Five years ago, I released RightQlik as a free utility for adding a context menu in Windows Explorer that provides easy access to common operations on QlikView (QVW) files. After thousands of downloads from around the world, and after using it myself almost daily, it has proved to be quite handy and super helpful, saving me and fellow developers a lot of clicking when working with QlikView documents.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the release of RightQlik 2.0, now with support for Qlik Sense (QVF) files. This version of RightQlik integrates with the excellent open source tool corectl (which is built by the Qlik Core team) to provide easy access to advanced operations on QVF files like viewing metadata, exporting scripts and reloading the app with a single click.

When installing RightQlik, it will also install the latest version of corectl automatically. Since corectl interacts directly with the Qlik Analytics Engine, you need to have Qlik Sense Desktop installed and running in order to take advantage of these operations.

RightQlik 2.0 also provides quick access to explore the app’s data model in Catwalk, another excellent open source tool released by Qlik.

Here’s a quick glance at the options available from the Windows Explorer context menu once you install the new version of RightQlik:

RightQlik 2.0 Preview
And here’s a quick demo video of the various operations you will have access to:

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Download now. It’s free!

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