AFTERSYNC.COM provides Business Intelligence Solutions tailored to tackle the challenges companies face in the modern digital era, helping them unlock the analytical potential that lies in their data, and turn their businesses into Data-Driven Powerhouses. Besides implementation services, we also provide tools and resources for BI professionals to build and grow their expertise in QlikView and Qlik Sense development, implementation and architecture, emphasizing a Lean mindset.

We are passionate about building high-performance data solutions based on the latest standards and practices, using Qlik as our platform of choice and our very own Lean Data Processing framework as a key architectural foundation in our data-intensive projects.

We have made the LDP framework available to everyone interested in building high-performance data processing systems through The Lean Data Processing masterclass, as well as through our open source initiatives that provide ready-to-use tools designed to help others integrate the framework into their own projects.

The LDP framework and master class is developed by subject matter experts and is continuously updated to stay current with the industry advances, developments and standards. Our master class covers these techniques with easy to follow lessons and in a familiar language. Whether you’re just starting with the Qlik platform or are a seasoned practitioner, our training program will help you get up to speed on everything you need to know to start implementing the LDP framework in your own projects.

As part of our online learning program, we are committed to delivering high quality courses with a mix of theory and hands-on practice, an approach that lets our students learn the concepts and immediately apply them to real-world scenarios. Our learning platform provides an engaging, interactive learning experience that allows the students to learn not only from their top-class trainers, but also from their classmates.

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