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Who is the course for?2020-03-19T13:09:15-06:00

The Lean Data Processing Master Class is aimed at QlikView and Qlik Sense developers that work with data processing jobs and scripting operations.

Is this class for QlikView or Qlik Sense?2020-03-19T13:09:32-06:00

All the techniques we will cover in this class are related to how we process data using the load script. Since the load script syntax and capabilities are mostly the same for both QlikView and Qlik Sense, all of what we will cover here can be applied to QlikView or Qlik Sense documents.

How can I access the Lean Data Processing Master Class?2020-03-19T13:10:13-06:00

There is a two-step process to access the course:

  1. Pay for the subscription using the “Join the Class” button at the top menu of this page
  2. Create your participant account and profile on lms.leandataprocessing.com/register

Once we receive your enrollment and confirm payment, we will grant you the access to the class.

Will I receive instant access to the master class after completing enrollment?2020-03-19T13:10:44-06:00

The class runs for predefined periods, which typically start once or twice every month. Once a class period starts, the enrollment is closed for that period and new registrations will only be available for the next periods. Enrollment for a class period is closed after two weeks of starting the class period.

Can I download de videos from the Master Class?2020-03-19T13:11:00-06:00

The class videos can not be download for offline access. Access to the videos is granted only as part of the subscription and lasts only for the class period (around one month).

For how much time will I get access to the course after enrollment?2020-03-19T13:11:17-06:00

Access to the class material is granted only as part of the subscription and lasts only for the class period, which is typically around one month.

What material is included with the course?2020-03-19T13:11:46-06:00

As part of the class subscription, you’ll get:

  1. Access to video lectures
  2. PDF handouts with a summary of the topics being covered in the class
  3. Example files for the hands-on exercises (database files)
  4. Re-usable scripts that facilitate the implementation of the LDP framework
Are the additional tools discussed in the LDP course free?2020-03-19T13:12:05-06:00

The re-usable scripts provided for facilitating the implementation of the LDP framework are provided free of charge. Add-on software (such as enQ) is not provided as part of the class enrollment, although it is discussed in the class as part of a product demo.

What can I do if I have a question about the topics being presented in the course?2020-03-19T13:12:24-06:00

You will have access to a discussion forum, through which you can post questions and your instructor will answer.

Will I get a certificate of completion after finishing the LDP course?2020-03-19T13:12:42-06:00

Yes, all students that successfully complete the class receive a certificate of completion.

Is the LDP master class offered on-site as well?2020-03-19T13:13:13-06:00

Yes. Contact us if you’re interested in on-site training.

How do I become an LDP Certified Instructor?2020-03-19T13:13:29-06:00

If you’re interested in providing the LDP master class to your own customers, contact us to learn more about our Instructor Program.

Is there a training manual for the LDP course?2020-03-19T13:13:48-06:00

Currently there is no training manual. You will receive PDF handouts with a summary of the topics covered in the class.

How much time will I have access to the LDP master class?2020-03-19T13:14:17-06:00

The class runs for a period of one month. Your enrollment is only valid for one class period.

Are there one on one coaching sessions with the LDP course instructor?2020-03-19T13:14:37-06:00

You can request one on one sessions with the class instructor separately, at an additional cost.

Are there group discounts?2020-03-19T13:14:55-06:00

Contact us if you’re interested in enrolling 5 or more participants to the class.

Do I need a special software to access the LDP course?2020-03-19T13:15:22-06:00

The class material is delivered via web. All you need is a web browser and internet access.

Is there a support channel if I have problems accessing the course?2020-03-19T13:15:51-06:00

You can always contact us at support@aftersync.com if you encounter any issues throughout the course.

What forms of payment do you accept?2020-03-19T13:16:17-06:00

Registrations can be paid for via Credit Card. We’ll soon add more payment methods. Reach out if you need assistance with your registration.

How long does it take to complete the course?2020-03-19T13:16:37-06:00

We estimate a total effort if 18 hours if you follow all the video lectures and complete the exercises on your own machine.

Will I have access to all videos at once?2020-03-19T13:16:53-06:00

The video lectures are released in parts at different schedules throughout the class period. There is typically new lectures available each week during a class period.

Am I able to watch the lectures and demos at any time or do I need to be available at specific times?2020-03-19T13:17:19-06:00
The course consists mainly of video lectures and exercises that can be streamed on-demand at any time you find convenient for the duration of the course.
The course consists of four modules, and each week a new module is made available for streaming and practicing the exercises (without removing the previous ones). This allows the participants to focus on one module at a time and have time to put the theory into practice with their own datasets or with the example datasets provided as part of the course.
Can you help me convince my boss to sign me up?2020-03-19T13:17:41-06:00

Yes, you can use our justification letter to try and convince your boss of the many benefits you will get from enrolling in the course and how it can be applicable to your current project(s).

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