This is not the usual iQlik post, in which I try to share a particular technique, but it is something I would like to share with you and know what you think about it. I’ve been working with large Apps and I detected a possible feature that would be nice to have on QlikView desktop. I already submitted it on QlikCommunity, so if you would like to vote for it, go ahead, login, and search for the idea under the “QlikView Development” forum.

Here’s what I submitted:

It is becoming more and more common to work with massive data in a QlikView application during development. Typically, if you want to create/modify a large qvw (one that requires XX GBs of RAM) on your local machine using QlikView Desktop, you need to reduce the data so that your computer can handle it. Another option is to Develop directly on the server via Remote Desktop so that you can work with all the data, which is highly convenient so that you can spot trends in your complete data model and identify different scenarios which might not be easily visible when reucing the app. Besides, not always do you have access to the server via Remote Desktop.

The idea: Allow QlikView Desktop to open a local qvw but use server resources for RAM and processor. That way, the Developer will be able to work with all the data, on a local machine, using QlikView Desktop with the remote resources. As opposed to the “Open in Server” feature, you would be able to actually develop on the app, create new objects, change the script, etc.

What do you think?